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3 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship

August 02, 2021 Dr. Anastasia Chopelas
Physics Powered Healing
3 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Show Notes

Today, you will hear about three early signs that someone you have just met will develop into a toxic relationship. You also discover the causes of a toxic relationship and the solutions preventing a relationship that’s draining and abusive.

Many people don’t see it coming because they grew up around this behavior. It’s normal to them, and it doesn’t hit their danger threshold. These types of relationships usually become toxic, abusive, and unhealthy.

Here are the 3 points that covered in this episode:

  1. Three early warning sign behaviors to watch for.
  2. What to do to take care of yourself
  3. What to do to stop attracting the type of people that behave that way.

The first sign is Troubled Communication. Not being understood by your partner can create resentment and anger leading you down the fast path to a poor relationship.  Every great relationship has great communication.  Every relationship with great communication is great.  If you don’t trust the other to be clear and honest, it is a sign of trouble. 

The second sign is Disrespect. Don’t tolerate your partner talking disrespectfully to you. Any sign of disrespect, even arguing with you over your wishes and choices, is a sign of big trouble later on.

The third sign is a Bad Temper. The way someone does one thing is the way they do everything.  A bad temper is also how they control the people around them to do their will.  Eventually, it will also wear you out.

What should you do? How can you prevent someone like this from coming into your life?

For the most part, you won’t recognize your relationship as having these issues early on in the haze of being “in love.” But if you have gone through a toxic relationship, all you need to do is heal first. Healing is tough, especially if you are hurting. And even if the relationship is toxic, leaving is still painful because you are mourning the end or death of something you wanted to grow along with your partner.  But remember that no one enters a relationship just to have it crash and burn.

The best thing for you to do is to go through a healing process. You can join my free mini-program that will take you through important exercises in practical and energy healing. The program will help you release the demons and the toxic energy that you have accumulated.

Standout Quotes:

  • “Every great relationship has great communication. And every relationship with great communication is great.”
  • “The more you focus on pleasing yourself instead of the other

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