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Boosting Immunity 15 Your gut microbiome is key to your immune system and health

October 11, 2021 Dr. Anastasia Chopelas
Physics Powered Healing
Boosting Immunity 15 Your gut microbiome is key to your immune system and health
Show Notes

Today’s broadcast is about your gut.  Yes, your intestinal system is key to your immune system and right in the middle of that is bacteria, yes, you heard right, bacteria. Free course on boosting your immune system.

Bacteria exist everywhere on your skin inside and out.  We are part of a symbiotic system with bacteria to help provide you with what you need to stay alive.  It is key to your immune system, it keeps the pathogens at bay, it produces vitamins, and neurotransmitters.

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the scientific healer and author of The Diamond Healing Method, written about an integrated healing approach based on molecular and vibrational physics. Today, Dr. Anastasia discusses all about gut health and how to keep it in optimal condition.

 Standout Quotes:

  • "Boosting your immune system with lifestyle choices like eating various healthy nutrients while avoiding the unhealthy habits support your energy healing. Even though I use energy healing daily, practicing healthy habits has helped me become healthier now it's 68 than I was in my early 40s."
  • “There is two to three times the number of bacteria as there are cells in your body. You have microbiomes on your skin, your gut, your private parts, your mouth anywhere on and in you."
  • "The beneficial bacteria in your gut weigh between two and four Five pounds. The estimate is that there are about 150 trillion bacteria. We have about 50 trillion cells. That's a huge, huge number. And it's almost impossible to imagine."
  • "If you maintain the ratio of at least 85% good bacteria in the gut, you will not generally suffer from Dysbiosis.
  • "If a healthy microbiome was transplanted into a sick and even overweight person and help that person get well and, and then lean down, this kind of research was ongoing to help people's immune system, and it worked."
  • "Avoid Glyphosate bound in roundup type herbicides, especially these are known to kill off your gut bacteria. When they tested them on humans, it didn't affect your human life; it affected your bacterial life badly. That means that most corn, oats, wheat, and soy will contain my newts, quantities of this material."

Key Takeaways:

  • We are a symbiotic organism. Bacteria are present on every surface of your skin, both inside and out. With microorganisms assisting

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