Physics Powered Healing

Real Estate Success with Healing Practices: Interview with Araceli Hernandez

July 29, 2022 Dr. Anastasia Chopelas
Physics Powered Healing
Real Estate Success with Healing Practices: Interview with Araceli Hernandez
Show Notes

Spiritual practices really help practical business people grow their businesses.  Araceli Hernandez is one such person.  She has grown her wealth through real estate investing and started a program teaching her process but geared toward women (and men) who are afraid of numbers.  Listen in as Araceli shares her wisdom and experience on growing your wealth. 

Transcript of Interview:


Have you ever wondered about real estate investing? Has it seemed too complicated or costly to you? Are you afraid to even consider it? My next guest can put your fears to rest, so stay tuned to hear more. 

Right now you're listening to scientific healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas. I know the power of vibrational healing by combining quantum physics with ancient healing arts to develop my own system that has amplified results for hundreds of my clients in healing students. Discover the simple steps you need to take when working as a healer or a coach to maintain your energy as 

Back to the program. 

One thing I've discovered in working with some amazing women is that they might be totally amazing at what they do. Yet they help people out tremendously, but are phobic about creating wealth, especially in the healing arts. My next highly talented and accomplished guest Araceli Hernandez came through her own struggles transitioning from first a career in engineering, including being a program manager and then going through a rough transition period to becoming a successful investor of real estate. I cannot wait to hear her story. How about you, she's now teaching other people to invest in real estate to build wealth, including her property flipping school. One of the things that I personally found intriguing was that she has a series of spiritual or energy practices to enhance her business and her success. I'm excited to hear more about these. Welcome to the show era. Sally, how are you today?


 Anastasia, thank you so much for having me. I'm very excited to be here.


Awesome. So what made you change

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